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The World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 no longer a pandemic on May 5, 2023 and most of the countries did away with mandatary Public Health protocols. However, people are still getting Covid and people are still dying. Several variants are still around and a new Omicron variant, EG.5, has surfaced. Public Health Agency of Canada, while reporting low Covid-19 levels countrywide, have reported an expected increase in the EG.5 variant in Canada.

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto, states that vaccines used regardless of the manufacturer, and regardless of the Covid variant, continue to provide significant protection against severe manifestations of the virus. Prevention is the same. EG.5, like its parent Omicron, appears to spread more easily than its predecessors.

The medical profession is encouraging everyone to voluntarily take all precautions.

    • Wear masks in crowded indoor spaces
    • Get booster vaccines, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions
    • Look for ways to improve indoor air quality
    • Wash your hands when returning to indoors

For the latest information on COVID-19 go to websites

July 16, 2022

Michael & Lilian celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary at Casa DeLuz Banquet Hall, in Scarborough. It was a wonderful gathering of 105 people to celebrate a wedding that took place in 1957 in London, England.

Michael & Lilian's children played a major role at this event. Paul & his wife Nancy and their son Chris with his wife Vivian. Chris's brother David. Felicity and her husband Tim and their son Hunter. Philip & Tamara Petrie and their sons Keane & Becket. They decorated the venue beautifully with colourful balloons, greeted guests and made wonderful speeches. Chris was the official photographer.

Many of the guests were Michael's siblings and extended family members, originally from Mauritius. They came from Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Vermont. Lilian's siblings, Kenny & wife Jeannette, Gladys & husband Soren, Nellie Davidson, George & wife Margaret and Shirley & husband John were all present, as well as many nieces and nephews and friends.

The food was great and wine was flowing freely. Everyone had a good time!.

Some photos of this event.

May 7, 2022

A cozy, wonderful Dinner Celebration was held on May 7, 2022 to mark Lily's 85th birthday. All members of her immediate and extended family were present for this great milestone event held at Crown Princess Fine Dining in Richmond Hill.

Some photos of this event.

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Wok Sun, 100 in February 2024

Archie Ming-Sun, 90 in February 2024

Polly Himpoo, 92 June 2024

David & Lorrie Ming-Sun, 55th Wedding Anniversary in February 2023

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Arthur Donald Laing, born on March 10, 2024 to Daniel & Kay Laing of Glasgow, Scotland. Proud grandparents for the 2nd time are Jamie & Isabelle Laing of Aberdeen, Scotland. Proud great grandfather is Kwiton Jong of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Zachary Leong, born on July 29, 2023 to Brandon & Alice Leong of New York. Proud grandparents for the 2nd time are Ivan Leong and Angela Leong of Toronto. Proud great grandparents are Yin & Minnie Leong of Toronto and Fong Kee of Toronto.

Jayce Ahser, born in Mississauga to Jason & Anna Maw on January 19, 2023. Proud grandmother is Jenny Maw.

Michaela and Daniel Santos tied the knot on July 8, 2023 in Oakville. Proud parents are Norman & Iris Yan.